Happy Anniversary Timmy and Morgan :)

I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since the best. wedding. ever! Now, I maybe a little bias, being as this beautiful couple is my big bother and new sister-in-law, but I’m sure if you ask anyone that was there they would say the same thing.

Everything about that day was a fairytale. From hair and makeup to pictures to walking down the aisle to the reception, everything was magical. For me, the little sister, my favorite memory of this fairytale was seeing the look on my brothers face as his bride walked out from the balcony. I knew that in that exact moment, my brother felt the world stop. That was a special moment that I’ll never forget.

Here we are a year later and we’re still celebrating that amazing day down in South Carolina. I recently took some photos to honor their first year of marriage and it was amazing! Looking through these photos, it is so easy to see their love for each other.

Happy Anniversary Timmy and Morgan, I love you both so much!! Below are the photos from their session and I am so happy to share their love with you all 🙂

TM laughing

TM looking at each other

TM far away

TM Center tree



Project365: June 2016

June, or as I like to call it.. S U M M E R !  June was the start to a beautiful, fun filled summer. If you can’t tell by the end of my gallery, June seemed to be the month of P I N K ! From sunsets to flowers to wedding cakes, pink was everywhere this month, which made June all the more beautiful.

Another beautiful thing about June (and my favorite), was celebrating my seven year anniversary with my boyfriend. Love is a beautiful thing and I loved celebrating us and our love 🙂


Project365: May 2016

Oh my goodness, May was such an exciting month.  We have deemed May as Wedding Month! From beginning to end, wedding festivities consumed our lives.. and I’m not complaining! The amazing food and beautiful decor had me running for my camera every chance I got.

Not to mention, May brought out Mr. Sun!  Something about the warm, summer air brings out so much inspiration in me. I just love all the new life a new season brings.. and summer never disappoints. All of the pop of colors in this month gallery gets me so excited for what summer is to bring.

Vacations, movies on the lake, kayaking, cookouts and lots and lots of watermelon are what I’m looking most forward too! What are some of your summer favorites?!

I would love for you to check out my photography journey on Instagram 🙂  Here are my photos from this past month !

Project365: April 2016

I hate to compare, but April is by far my favorite month. The weather change, flowers blooming,  baseball season, oh and MY BIRTHDAY are just a few of the reasons why April is such a glorious month. More importantly April, to a college student, means that summer is just a few short weeks away and through the chaos that comes with the end of the semester, its a beautiful thing knowing that blue skies and sunshine is right around the corner.

This semester has been busy. Never in my life have I ever written so many papers, done so much research, or consumed so much coffee. This year April, for me, meant submitting my largest paper (25 pages..yikes!) as of yet. Even through this ‘on-the-go’ semester, I still managed to fit in my daily photo. Now was this because I am in such a routine or was this my way of daily procrastination? Who knows. Who cares.

Ironically, some of my favorite photos to date are found in this month. This is ironic for me because  typically, it takes me .f o r e v e r. to capture the perfect photo. I am constantly rearranging my subject, or [patiently] waiting for the perfect moment just to find that I need to start over because I didn’t like the shot.

So why this month, this crazy busy month, am I finding some of my favorite shots? Well to simply put it, I just picked my camera up and started clicking. But if I am being completely honest, I didn’t have the time this month to stress over every detail of these photos. I used my Project365 this month as a stress reliever, a source of entertainment, and a way to just have fun in the midst of this chaos. If I’ve learned anything from this months Project365, it’s to stop overthinking and just have fun! Here is a look at my April 🙂

Date night normally means no electronics.. But when theres an opportunity for bokeh.. you         break the rules. [bokeh]

Target cups
Decisions are not my thing. If I can’t have them both, I get neither. But I will take that picture to remember these sweet things. [dreaded task]


Sunday morning, fresh muffins and coffee. [fresh]

Leading line
 Baking that cake and eating it too. [leading lines]

April Joy
 She always puts a smile on my face. [joy]

 I mean who doesn’t love sealing their RSVPs?! Wedding season is upon us! [triangle]

 Even with a storm a brewin’, these babies are still a bloomin’!!  [today]

 From Grandfather to Grandmother on her 21st birthday. From Grandmother to Granddaughter on her 21st birthday. This small chain holds a lot of meaning.   [a keepsake]


(P)eeling this bad boy for a delicious afternoon snack  [starts with p]

  Apple addict!  [same]

Golden Rox

A puppy during golden hour is one beautiful puppy! [off-prompt]

Inspire me
 His love for me. His heart. His compassion. His humor. His work ethic. His determination. His drive. All that he is, I want to be…for him.  [what inspires me]

Bridesmaid Shoes
 These shoes will help me witness one of my closest friends marry her best friend [shoes]

Water drop
 These raindrops keep falling and I just keep snapping these photos. [off prompt]

Work Day
 Fresh mulch and beautiful flowers. Springtime is definitely here. [fresh]

Negative space
  Fake flowers are always in bloom 🙂 [negative space]

 Fresh fruit for a bright, sunny afternoon snack. [fresh]

 Seems like all I’ve done these past three months was drive. Today, I drove some more. [2:00PM]

Those jimmies make any cookie a whole lot better! [dots]

  My sidekick. My baby.   [my camera]

  Just a little homemade sugar scrub on a Friday night.  [collection]

Lily Centerpiece
  A beautiful centerpiece to welcome a beautiful bride-to-be.

Sunday Morning
  Last morning being 22. [Sunday morning]

pink cupcake
 Celebrating 23 years with this pretty little thing. Calories don’t count on your birthday! [off-prompt]

Cold Starbucks
 Even at 4:00PM on the way to a baseball game, I always get my little green straw. [free choice]

Steakhouse fire
  Every bit of that dinner was worth almost losing my eyebrows! [what I see]

PInk Tree Flower
  The new colors of a new season make for one happy girl. [off prompt]

BW Flower
    Just sitting there being all perfect. [still]

Annie Bridal Shower
 Perfect way to close the month. Celebrating with old friends on the soon-to be nuptials. [on the floor..or mantel]

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April Showers


The transition between March and April always leaves the weather to be very unpredictable. It’s that time of year where winter is in its departure and spring is finally setting in… but this proves to be no easy transition. Just last weekend, we were all in shorts, enjoying the 80 degree weather. This weekend is no such luxury, instead we’ll be pulling out our winter coats for the snow heading our way…

Clearly, unpredictable.

With all this crazy weather, one this is for sure, Maryland will always have thunderstorms. Ugh. Now, I am not the girl who can cuddle in bed and read peacefully while the storm is passing through. No, no, I am the girl sitting on the couch, under the blanket, screaming at the top of my lungs at every thunder that roars.

Storms are not my thing. But man, do I love the dark, gloomy clouds it brings. It makes for some pretty awesome photos..and that I do like.


As I was storm watching from the kitchen, I happened to notice these beauties calling for a photoshoot. I obviously couldn’t say no.. I mean would you? (I guess if you were smart, your answer would probably be different than mine). I, however, do not pass up a photo op. If I did, I wouldn’t have this photo to show y’all.

Just so you know, no actual thunderstorm came through.. phew!

Happy Thursday!

Until next time,



Project365: Week 32

Lyrics [lyrics]

i adore this [i adore this]

less is more [less is more]

Connection [connection]

self portrait [self portrait]

My first Beth-a-dilly challenge is complete! I cannot wait to see what April (my birthday/ favorite month!)  has in store!

bokeh [bokeh]

dreaded task [a dreaded task]

Project365: Week 31

Week 4 of The Beth-a-Dilly challenge 🙂

My favorite thing to photograph are flowers and this week was full of them!


Details                    [details]


What motivates me[what motivates me]


Happiness[happiness]  these are the Cherry Blossoms from Washington, DC 🙂

Pastel[pastel] these are not Cherry Blossoms.. this was from a tree outside of Olive Garden 🙂

Project365: Week 29

Week 2 of The Beth-a-Dilly challenge:

I was so inspired by Week 1 of the Beth-a-dilly challenge! This week was a ton of fun and full of color 🙂

I would love for you all to follow along on this journey @kaylajrobar1


Rule of third  [rule of third]

Circle  [circle]

My Perspective  [my perspective]

Weather Today  [the weather today]

Handwriting  [writing]

Starts with B  [starts with B]

Fragile  [fragile]

Project365: Week 28

Red Barn

Flower portrait



For the month of March, I decided to take on the Beth-a-Dilly photo challenge on Instagram! I have to say, I. AM. LOVING. IT! The idea behind this challenge is to use the daily prompts as inspiration and motivation throughout your photography journey. Since I am in the process of my first Project365, I figured this would be a great way to get creative AND take my daily photo!

There is an amazing community on Instagram under the hashtag #thebethadillychallenge, who not only inspire but also encourage each other throughout our photography journey. If you are in search of a photography challenge, here is the link for the Beth-a-Dilly Challenge prompt for April.

Below are my photos from the first week of March with the captioned of the prompt for that day!

I would love for you all to follow along on my journey @kaylajrobar.

Firetruck [around the corner]

Starbucks  [free choice]

Leading Lines                   [leading lines]

Favorite Thing   [my favorite thing]

Routine   [a routine]